Living Room

The options are endless when it comes to putting together a living room that satisfies your tastes—from sumptuous sofas and stately coffee tables to chic occasional chairs and perfectly petite side tables.

Occasional Chairs

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Side & Accent Tables

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Coffee Tables

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Console Tables

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Benches & Ottomans

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Armoires & Storage Cabinets

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Media Storage

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Dining Room

The dining room is proving to be the perfect area to make a bold statement; an interior space where the furnishings speak as loudly as the entertaining they host.

Dining Tables

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Dining Chairs

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Credenzas & Sideboards

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Bar Cabinets

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A quiet room for reflection. A place to retreat at the end of each day. The bedroom is arguably one of the most important spaces in the home and we, in turn, want to offer the best selections.




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Dressers & Chests

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Armoires & Storage Cabinets

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Benches & Ottomans

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Designed with productivity in mind and comfort at the top of the list, our office offerings are anything but ordinary.


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Bookcases & Etageres

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Our trusted creatives, collaborators, incredible talents, and ambassadors. Meet the talent behind the frames.

Thomas Bina

Regarded as one of the pioneers of the sustainable furniture movement, Thomas Bina is recognized for his use of reclaimed timber, and his raw-yet-refined aesthetic.

Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen MBE’s iconic style features clean lines and neutral tones blended with charming warmth and sumptuous tactile opulence.

Andrew Martin

Founder Martin Waller's notorious sense of adventure has formed the backbone of the Andrew Martin brand since its inception in 1978. For Waller, design has always been about reflecting different cultures and communicating a passion for the people who made it. 

Maison 55

Taking cues from European and American mid-century classics, Maison 55 designs celebrate uncomplicated, pared-down forms and natural materials.

Nellcote Studio

Helmed by Creative Director, Palmer Earley, Nellcote Studio designs epitomize the intersection of lighting and art, incorporating an aesthetic that verges on sculptural.

Coup & Co

Renowned for its signature use of eclectic materials and attention to detail, Coup&Co. wall art is distinctly bold, elegant and original.


SONDER Living Curated Collections Coming Soon


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Neon Art

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Paper Cut Art

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Glass Art

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True to Character

Design, by its very nature, influences the world around us; it evokes emotion, solves challenges and creates conversation. Sonder living champions design in all its forms through a commitment to craft and artful living. Our diverse brand delivers a curated and well-rounded furnishings experience, conveyed across varied ranges of styles tailored to our customers’ tastes. We believe in the transformative quality of design, and are devoted to imbuing as much beauty and substance into each fiber we produce.

Committed to craft and artful living

SONDER living brings to life furniture and accessories designed to support your brand of individuality.

Where form and function connect

It’s been our mission to support design enthusiasts and interior designers, both big and small, from the onset. Boasting beautifully made, highly curated designs, Sonder living provides original concepts that give way to a balanced and curated life. We put forth hand-crafted, high-quality finishes and fabrics on well-designed frames in order to ensure each furnishings status as a forever piece. Built in our dedicated manufacturing facilities in Vietnam and the USA, each piece of furniture is almost entirely handmade. Local artisans use time-honored techniques such as hand-carving, leafing, welding and eglomise to create pieces that are unique, and celebrate the beauty of natural and honest materials.

TIme Honoured techniques

Each piece of furniture is almost entirely hand-made, a testament to time-honored traditions of artistry and craftsmanship. Our highly skilled team employs techniques such as hand-carving, leafing, welding and eglomise to create pieces that are unique, and a celebration of natural and honest materials.



State of the art facilities

SONDER Living is grounded in exceptional manufacturing capabilities. Today, at our dedicated facilities in Vietnam, these strengths continue to ensure that every design is brought to life with exquisite craftsmanship and infused with rich narratives and creative stories.

World Class Facilities


It all started when...

SONDER derives its name from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, which defines the word as the realization that each passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. That notion struck a chord, echoing the very ethos our furniture brand had inculcated when we first began offering design solutions in 2015. Now, led by the belief that interiors should reflect the individuals that reside within them, SONDER speaks fluently across multiple platforms of business. Comprised of three supporting arms—Sonder Living (consumer), Sonder Distribution (retail) and Sonder Projects (hospitality)—we aim to take a collaborative approach to the creative process and continue to prove that design firms are anything but linear.


Where to buy

Check out our retail locations to find us in your area and stop in—Experience our furnishings and lifestyles for yourself.  If you need help online, our customer service agents are standing by to assist.