Eluding the Ordinary

The arbiter of storied interiors Martin Waller, founder of the Andrew Martin brand, has consistently put forth witty design connotations ripe with cultural commentary. From championing the best interior designers to shining a light on hidden cultures, Andrew Martin has always provided a stage for discovery and celebration.

Design that is Cleverly Crafted

Imbued with an intrepid and itinerant spirit, each piece inspires a sense of comfort and escapism. From rare finds and one-offs, to new designs for the everyday, a surprising touch or subtle twist runs through all our collections.

An interview with Andrew Martin

Martin Waller’s notorious sense of adventure and desire to explore has been the backbone of the Andrew Martin brand since its inception in 1978. For Waller, design has always been about reflecting different cultures and communicating a passion for the people who made it. The resulting designs are a kaleidoscope of cultures, eras and stories.

Inspiration comes from…

The playground of cultures and people found across the globe. From exploring the lost cities in the jungles of Guatemala to hunting Mammoth in snowy Siberia, my travels never cease to provide excitement for cultural wonders and the myriad of lives that have walked, both past and present.

The starting point can come from one minute detail…

An interesting texture, a vintage fabric, a color taken from a piece of artwork, or a quirky personal item. From there a scheme or design builds, layer upon layer. Furniture design comes from a practical, ergonomic starting point where the design of an interior as a whole begins with thinking about the atmosphere you are trying to create.

I believe in design without boundaries...

The key to getting a look right is removing the fear of doing it wrong. Interiors should transcend the limits of time and geography, so display an ancient Egyptian funerary mask on an industrial chrome console or hang a yellow submarine on an exposed brick wall. It is about creating a mix, blending steel with stone, leather with hessian, bringing surprise to a space by not matching all the elements. That is where the fun is.

Mood Inducers

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