Fashion Forward

The London-based designer cut her teeth as an illustrator in the 1980s, before moving into fashion as buyer and launching her eponymous award-winning label in 1996. Graceful lines, pops of colour and a hint of glamour are all trademarks, although the ecle

Always In Search

Tracey Boyd’s creativity transcends conventional boundaries. She lives and breathes design, constantly exploring new experiences of inspiration for textiles and graphic elements in order to create a refreshing and imaginative aesthetic.

An interview with Regan Hayes

Every piece is unpredictably distinctive and individual, presenting a balance between originality and usability. These covetable designs are a celebration of contrasts using a unique juxtaposition of colour, texture and form.

What I like about collaborating...

Is that it allows me to pull together a whole look at once. For instance, I’ve been able to create the Boyd dining room that I’m sure will speak to people in different ways.

Balance and symmetry are key for me…

An ‘over- the-top’ element, like elaborate marquetry, needs to be balanced with a simple shape. It’s like creating the right frame for a painting.

Attributed to my background in fashion...

Pattern often makes a witty and unexpected appearance, such as in the Herringbone Credenza: A sideboard that features printed door fronts inspired by the fabric of a classic men’s suit. My designs are unpredictable, but there’s an essence of me in all of