Modern Wonder

Never ceasing to surprise, Maison 55 is an exciting culmination of styles and silhouettes expressed upon well-designed furniture frames.

World View

Maison 55 looks to Europe for texture inspiration and America for cues on form, allowing the brand to stand out amongst the rest.

An interview with Maison 55

Maison 55 designs reflect the dynamic evolution of the modern home. Taking cues from European and American mid-century classics, these designs experiment with artistic influences that blend form and functionality. Piquing curiosity and overturning assumption, Maison 55 is about unexpected choices, unique silhouettes and expressing a distinct design point of view.

Maison is comprised of a few of different looks...

In terms of tools we use, we often look to Instagram, Pinterest, books, magazines and our research extends to all areas of interest not just interiors or furniture—it could be anything from jewelry, shoes and clothing to architecture and nature.

When it comes to to getting the creativity flowing…

We’re still a little old school—We like to start with the a pen and sketchbook; working out concepts and ideas to appoint where I know what I want to do in my head and then start drawing it on the computer and working out how it all fits together and can be made.

When it comes to furniture design versus interior design…

To us, they are both a representation of the individual—your Identity as it were! For an interior, regardless if you employ someone to do it for you or you do it yourself, hopefully the end product represents you. Then with furniture design you provide people the options of multiple styles and looks so they can select what represents them the best.

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