Women in Design

To celebrate International Women's Day 2020, join us in recognizing two of our own talented female designers: Los Angeles-based Reagan Hayes and London-based Kelly Hoppen, MBE.

Find out what makes these ladies tick creatively…


Reagan Hayes  

“There’s something about seeing a project go from an idea to a sketch to a full-size, tangible piece that never disappoints.” 
— Reagan Hayes 

Reagan Hayes

Before Reagan Hayes became known as an aesthetically forward-thinking product designer, the Los Angeles IT girl (and mom of 4 #boymom) was designing residential and hospitality spaces for those yearning for contemporary, liveable and conversational interiors. For her debut furniture collection, Reagan relied on unique lines, statement shapes and dreamy Schumacher fabrics to make some serious design waves.

Talk to us about your creative process.  
I tend to design in waves; once the flow of new ideas turns on, it’s hard to turn it off! That makes for a lot of late nights cranking away on my computer, but I like to get everything down and all of my ideas out before I go back to edit. So the vibe when I’m designing new products is some combination of frantic and focus.

What do you need to get out of your interiors personally?
All I want out of my interiors is for the space to look amazing without trying too hard and to be imminently livable. Is that too much to ask? But as the mother of four little boys, I am always thinking about how pieces, finishes, and fabrics are actually going to be used on a day-to-day basis. I’m a big believer in enjoying beautiful things as a regular part of our lives without treating them as too precious to experience.


Reagan Hayes

Who or what serves as a consistent source of influence?
I’m definitely a product of my surroundings, so the places I have lived and the areas that I choose to spend my time inevitably seep into my designs. Los Angeles has been home for a long time now, so the edgy, laid back, and risk-taking vibe of the city has definitely had an effect on my style and voice as a designer. 

Buzzwords Only—Describe your aesthetic...Go!
Classic, clean lines, funky details, high-design, fashion forward.


Stay tuned for Reagan's debut in our flagship store in Crystal Cove, opening end-March 2020. Additionally, her collection will soon be available for purchase online.

Kelly Hoppen, MBE

 “For me design is all about texture and textural contrast. Our homes should be the heart of everything filled with furnishings that stand the test of time.” 
— Kelly Hoppen, MBE

Kelly Hoppen, MBE

Iconic British designer Kelly Hoppen, MBE believes that texture has the power to add depth and sensuality to a room and she elegantly plays with materials to create designs that are reactive of her sophisticated East-meets-West design philosophy. With every new collection she puts forth, Kelly Hoppen, MBE continues to push conventional boundaries, creating original product designs.

How does inspiration find you?
Inspiration can come from anything and anywhere. I’m hugely inspired by my travels. I was fortunate enough to grow up with parents who loved to travel so I saw quite a lot of the world as a child. When I visit a new place it always stimulates my creativity, and often my surroundings hugely influence my designs.

What’s the mood like when you’re creating?
It is incredibly important for me to work in a space that sparks creativity but that is also relaxed and professional. Comfort in the work space is essential. I always design to music and find this is when a lot of my creative ideas start to come together.

Kelly Hoppen, MBE

What’s had the biggest impact on your style?
No surprise here - I am hugely influenced by my travels, I love to experience different cultures and take in the architecture around me. The Far East has had a big impact on my work, with my designs fusing East and West. 

Buzzwords Only—Describe your aesthetic...Go!
Purist, clean lines, symmetry, high-level, and balanced. 


Peruse Kelly Hoppen, MBE's collection of products...