This is my fortieth year in business, so the Retrospective Collection is really an ode to my entire career; it’s about me taking wonderful inspirations from the places I’ve been, projects that I’ve worked on, and vintage pieces that I’ve seen all over the world.  Each piece has a little bit of everything that I’ve picked up in the last 40 years, and it just looks fabulous.


Morgan Accent Table, Kelly Hoppen

All of the materials that I’ve used in this collection are a culmination of things that I’ve used over the years and loved; lacquer, all different shades and grains of wood, rose gold, brass, nickel, glass, marble.  It’s the way you combine these textures and materials that actually make it really fantastic.  It’s like cooking- the more spices that you put into a dish that you’re preparing the more fantastic it tastes. 


Joplin Table, Kelly Hoppen

I think it’s really hard to say that one piece is my favourite because it changes all the time but there are a few that really spring to mind.  I just absolutely adore the Shield Console Table; every time I look at it, it just flows off the wall.  And the Bessie Side Table looks like a load of gold has just been dropped on the top of the wood - the combination of textures is fantastic. 

Bessie Table Kelly Hoppen

For me, the most satisfying part of putting together a collection like this is beginning to see it in people’s homes; people loving individual pieces, or mixing them with existing pieces in their home that they’ve collected over the years. I love the whole process – not only do I create homes for people to live in, but I now create furniture for people to have in their homes and enjoy. 

- Kelly Hoppen MBE

Kelly Hoppen’s Retrospective Collection is available to order in-store.