Juggling Motherhood and Work

Our newest creative to join the Sonder Living roster is LA-based interior designer, Reagan Hayes, who started her career designing high-end residential and hospitality spaces before discovering her additional talents for designing products. She debuted her first collection with us last market and we decided to check in with her and see how she’s coping during this difficult time. The designer dishes on under-$10 beauty brands, chic robes to relax in, and shows to add to your queue. 

At home with four boys! How are you coping?
I think it's been a tricky balance for everyone, but things like this put a lot into perspective. The boys are a lot of fun to be around, so we're doing our best to focus on enjoying this extra time together.

Any tips or tricks for keeping them busy and happy?
It's been far too easy for them to waste their days in front of screens (especially now that all of their classes are being held through Zoom meetings), so we try to log off as much as possible. We have lots of puzzle nights, game nights and reading dates. I try to kick them outside in our backyard as much as possible, and have family walks around the neighborhood. It's been an exercise in self-control for everyone.

Ava Chair - Lulu Cloud Vincent Accent Table

How is this quarantine time affecting your design projects?
I've been primarily focused on product design the past few years, so not much has changed for me related to projects.

Maria Dresser Reagan Eyes Pattern

Give us the lowdown on your fitness and beauty routine these days?
My beauty routine right now is a very strict regimen consisting of no-makeup and sweatpants—I'm amazingly disciplined at this! The older I get, the more focused I've become on skincare versus makeup. This little $7 wonder from The Ordinary is probably my all-time favorite skin treatment, and is perfect for when you’re stuck inside and don't have to deal with the sun or face makeup. 

My fitness routine has taken a hit, but I'm a long-time devotee of the Yoga Studio App on my phone. It's perfect for when you need to de-stress and get in a workout. I'm also whole-heartedly convinced my quality of life would infinitely improve with a Mirror… plus, it's so pretty! If all else fails, and it's been one of those days, slipping on this little robe from Johnny Was just makes everything better (over my sweatpants, of course.) 

Sophia Vanity Maxwell Accent Table
Tell us about your working from home space. Do you and your husband get in each other's way right now?

I work whenever and wherever I can right now. The kids are all over the house with their homework and teacher conferences, and their schedules rule my day, so my husband and I trade kid-duty and work days. I can usually work with a bit of background noise, but Luke finds it very distracting, so we've found that it's best to split our time and compartmentalize our responsibilities as much as possible. We feel very fortunate that we can both work from home.

Louis Dining Table Louis High Cabinet

Do you have any go-to recipes?
I love to cook, so I have many go-to recipes! Lately, I've been trying to teach my boys how to cook a few things and each new recipe I try is deemed "quarantine bread," "quarantine cookies," or "quarantine spaghetti."

Elena Wall Mirror - Abstract Reagan Hayes Floral - B

Are you reading anything right now? Any music we should download?
I read and listen to any and everything, but I'm a big show person — I LOVE a good show! A friend recently recommended The Durrells in Corfu, and it's honestly the perfect show to watch when you're looking for a bit of escapism. It's quirky and idyllic and makes me want to move to Greece and raise pelicans.

Explore Reagan Hayes' debut collection - now available online.