Earth Day 2020

In order to have a beautiful home, we have to honor our communal home - this planet! In honor of Earth Day, which falls on 22 April, we want to spotlight one of our designers who always keeps the environment at the forefront of the conversation with his timeless designs.

Los-Angeles based designer, Thomas Bina, is regarded as one of the pioneers of the sustainable furniture movement, with most of his designs crafted out of eco-friendly reclaimed woods. The Bina creed is one that adheres to a modern minimalist approach; characterized by rich, earthy palettes, bold silhouettes and the often unconventional blending of materials.

Vanessa Sofa  Teddy Chair
Vanessa Sofa Teddy Chair


Almera Coffee Table - Square Almera Bar Cabinet
Almera Coffee Table Almera Bar Cabinet


Zuma Nightstand Zuma Bed
Zuma Nightstand Zuma Bed


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