Spark a little bar cabinet envy this holiday season

Bar Cabinet Envy

The perfect perch for all those chic holiday glassware sets and fancy serving accoutrements, our bar cabinets will have you happily playing the part of host and bartender right through the festive season and into the New Year.

Whether your style errs on the side of refined and regal like the Melissa, masculine and practical like the Almera, or timeless and clever like the Copeland, there is plenty of opportunity to start stocking up here.

Explore our collection of bar cabinets which have each been handpicked with a cocktail recipe that will be sure to impress your family and friends!

Melissa Bar Cabinet
Melissa Bar Cabinet 
Refined and regal, this elegant bar cabinet has a range of enviable features with all the necessities of a bar together in one piece. Crafted with luxurious faux shagreen and held by stainless steel legs, this piece ensures that you entertain in style. Best served with a Mimosa...


Almera Bar Cabinet with Negroni
Almera Bar Cabinet 
Masculine and practical; this bar cabinet is made from reclaimed Peroba solids and is wrapped in a dark brown veneer. This piece has ample storage for large bottles and glasses, and its earthy feel being the perfect complement to a full bodied Negroni.


Copeland Bar Cabinet with Espresso Martini
Copeland Bar Cabinet

Timeless and clever; the Copeland epitomizes a mid-century modern design aesthetic with its architectural lines, and warm earthy color palette. Pairs well with the sophisticated Espresso Martini, the perfect post-dinner pick-me-up.


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